Friday, 15 April 2016

Windows to Motherhood #2 Becky

This is Becky... 

"Amelie has only recently turned one, having been born unexpectedly early on 23rd Dec 2014. A button of determination, attitude, and extreme facial expressions, Amelie is my Mini B, my poppet, and my "please don't do that" to my everyday." 

"The moment I realised I wanted to have a baby, motherhood began... My mind, my body had become won over."

"...I work whilst she toddles around with her walker, or whilst she sleeps and I burn the midnight oil. 
Challenging, guilt ridden, and exhausting, being a work-from-home-stay-at-home mum has its great advantages and greater disadvantages."

"I am sure, certain in fact, I have made mistakes, but I am new to this, I have nothing to compare this to other than my friends that are mothers or my own mother. But I have to write these rules myself. So, no, there is nothing I would do-over, not yet, because how do I know I need to do-over...yet? Ask me again in five years time."

"Motherhood makes me feel conflicted about my body."

"My perception of the world changed with motherhood; everything is transitory, apart from your child. Friendships are priceless. Mothers are extraordinary. Life is too short; if you love, like or appreciate someone, tell them."

"Mother doesn't and can't possibly measure up to any expectations I had before having children. I had no idea how the perception of being a mother compared to actually being a mother."

Thank you Becky xxx

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